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Arcturian Blueprint Activation Series

  • 90Days
  • 1Step


Are you living the life you want to live, the life you were meant to live? Or are you feeling lost, overwhelmed, and stuck? Do you lack clarity and vision around what you want to do in this lifetime, what you want to create? Who you want to become? Or do you simply want to deepen into the path you are already on with more clarity and connection? If any of this resonates I invite you to join me for a 6-week journey to activate the Cosmic Wisdom of the Soul and the Divine Blueprint within. We will be working with the Arcturian Blueprint Activation frequencies that work specifically to guide you into a portal of SOUL REMEMBRANCE. The ABA Frequency attunes you to your Cosmic Divine Blueprint. The activation clears old programs and outdated timelines/karmic loops that are running. It clears blockages around prosperity, emotional/ mental blockages, core negative/limiting beliefs, and ancestral lineage karma. As it clears it instills DIVINE WILL.  Your will in the physical/emotional/mental realms is your sense of self, your sense of purpose.   It is your VITALITY and confidence. This goes beyond the sense of self in the physical, etheric, emotional/mental bodies and activates in the Causal (Karmic), Spiritual and Divine bodies as well, so that soul mastery can be achieved on ALL levels. It awakens you to the truth of who you are in this lifetime as it helps you to remember your gifts from previous ones so that you can connect to your most healed state and highest timelines in th

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