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What is a Starseed?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Hi everyone. If you read my “About Me” section on my website then you saw that I claim to be a Starseed on Earth. I wanted to talk about that and what that means as well as my journey leading me to make that claim.

What is a Starseed?
A Starseed is a soul that incarnates from another star system or galaxy into a human lifetime. We are typically here to complete a mission of some sort and to learn human based lessons to help support our own spiritual growth and ascension as well as the ascension of the planet.

We are also here to restore sovereignty and freedom for all of humanity.

I was claimed by the Arcturains through a Starseed reading I was gifted for my birthday in 2022. Arcturians are advanced star beings from the star Arcturus in the Bootes Constellation.

Arcturus is the fourth-brightest star in the night sky and the brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere. These star beings are here to massively accelerate spiritual growth and healing, raise the vibration of the planet, assist with the ascension process of the New Earth and with the ascension of the collective.

I AM so grateful to be a part of this beautiful race of light beings and to assist them in carrying out this mission. But before I embraced my Starseed orgins as an Arcturian, I totally rejected it the idea in the beginning.

When I received the Starseed reading on my birthday, the information didn’t resonant with me at ALL. I read an article attached to my reading that included 29 traits of an Arcturian Starseed and I kept sighing, saying “nope, nope, not me, nope”. It was all this unworthiness coming up to mask who I really was and so I completely blocked out the possibility that I could be part of this team of light.

It wasn’t until four months later that a dear friend reached out and said she was doing an online 3 day event that involved healing sessions and multidimensional astral traveling and a few other things that sparked my interest. She asked me if I wanted to join her but I ended up declining because it seemed too time consuming and expensive.

But as fate would have it, as I was trying to fall asleep the first night of the event (having already missed the live zoom call) I got overwhelmed with this feeling of urgency that insisted I "SIGN UP IMMEDIATELY!”

When I hear that voice, I LISTEN.

So, I immediately jumped out of bed grabbed my computer and signed up. I saw that it was recorded and I could listen to the transmission from Day 1 immediately. What I didn’t realize at the time was that these activations and transmissions were Arcturian based.

I just remember that as soon as I connected to that energy that was being received (through a recording no less) my body started to tingle as waves of energy washed over me and through me. I was filled with a sense of deep peace and expansive JOY. It was an instantaneous re-awakening. I had a sense of completion, having unlocked and come home to a part of myself that I didn’t know existed. I was Galactically Activated or what I call "Galacitivated" through that three day event.
And as a result, my path of Soul Remembrance expanded in ways I could never have imagined.

From that moment on, I signed up for more courses and activations working with the Arcturians. It wasn’t until a fated trip to Mount Shasta, California in August of 2022 that I received the confirmation that I was supposed to start sharing Arctuian healing sessions.

I started that journey in September of 2022 with my mentor and teacher, Gene Ang, Ph.D., creator of the Arcturian Healing Method™️.
(You can read more about the Arcturian Healing Method HERE)

To say it has been life changing wouldn’t encompass the depth of this shift.
It has activated my entire being into a deeper level of service while also assisting in my own internal healing and spiritual awakening.

And even though it's been less than a year that I have been walking this path as a practitioner, I know with complete clarity that I have been doing this for lifetimes. LIFETIMES.

I've recently expanded my studies to include working with the InterGalactics who are another race of Superconscious Star beings. Their Divine healing frequencies also support accelerated spiritual growth and healing for the planet and the collective.

I share this with you because I truly believe that frequency healing is the future of medicine and how humanity can start to shift into their higher timelines and most healed states.

I believe that when we do the work to heal ourselves, we amplify that healing energy out to our family, loved ones, and our Earth Mother.

Want to know more?

I offer 1:1 healing sessions as well as group sessions. Please reach out to connect at or book a Complimentary Connection Call today by clicking here.

Want to know if you are a Starseed? Click here to learn more and explore!

Many blessings on your path.
Colleen ✨

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